Monday, November 21, 2011

Project: Archivist: Episode 26 What you hear is what you get.

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FIRST OFF: Due to the holiday, I’m going to release this weeks show a bit early. Lobo and I will both be having Hectic schedules next week so I’m not sure how soon the next episode will be posting. Basically everyone’s getting this one early and the next one a bit later then normal..But then again..what is normal for us?
Having said that……………
This weeks show was recorded pretty much on the spot. We Yankees have a holiday this week so it kinda messed our recording schedule up so what you hear is what you get! This week, Save the Gay Penguins! Is that a Eel in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? One last look at the McRib from a special guest, Cry me a river or maybe just some stones! Darth Vader wants some land to park his star destroyer, and in pervert science news, the female orgasm mapped in the brain. ( yes it has a video to it on the web sight…perverts!)

Mind Cemetery: Archive: 11-14-11 Show Essential listening for the Mind Cemetery Fan

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This weeks paranormal news section of the show was taken up by 2 very controversial individuals and the methods to there madness. Now, we know labeling them as “mad” is not exactly an endearing term for Andrew Basiago and David Jacobs but, we are not under any delusions that either individual will ever make ti on our show to defend themselves against the indefensible.

As some of you may know Jacobs is still fully involved in defaming Emma Woods and labeling her as having multiple personalities to get away from the outrageously inappropriate contact he has had with her and less than ethical practices when it comes to the researcher and subject relationship.

To catch up on the Jacobs Saga you can get your essential reading and listening to the audio contact he has had with Emma on her website here: Emma Woods website ; UFO MAG BLOG (for the latest find by Jeremy Vaeni Host of Paratopia)

Andrew Basiago is one for the ages that’s for sure. He is making claims of time/space travel to the planet of Mars. But wait there’s more, Andy is claiming that none other than the RV expert Ed Dames was there to teach him and his classmates how to survive on the surface of Mars. As if that wasn’t enough, he is also stating that he was in the same training class as none other than President Barack Obama. Now that’s a lot to claim right? He must have endless evidence to back this…….. NOPE! He has nothing but personal conviction and hearsay from at least 2 other people that are heavily interested in seeing this story get as much attention as possible. One of which is the great grand-daughter of Pres. Eisenhower and the other is his friend from the training classes. Ed Dames called into the show on 11-10-11 and disputed all of his claims live on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Andy isn’t one to let facts get in the way of a good story, so prepare yourself for the Lawyer in him to come out when you question is “facts”. Jeffrey Pritchett has a fantastic blog about this here at the Examiner.

Finally, you get to hear in the second hour an analysis of how to listen to EVP’s by Dr. Mark Leary. This is a presentation that was given on 11-10-11 to the Carolina Hauntings Apparitions and Poltergeists Society. It was a great way to see how influenced the human ear can be by others and even how many different answers a wide range of experienced researchers can be. He did a group experiment on listening to 10 EVP recordings from the Ferry house in Va. and the various EVP’s collected at the location.Check out the audio analysis software that is out on the market and get the best bang for your buck as you get farther into the world of paranormal investigation. George Matthis and Mark help discuss a couple great programs to help the novice and the professional alike.


HUGE episode this week that is sure to spark some conversation in and out of the circles of the paranormal and ufology relms!


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Ascension Radio guest abduction researcher and contactee Joe Montaldo

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UFO Undercover guest contactee Charis Brown Malloy

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Gia Scott's Dawn of Shades featuring Native Americana musician, Keith Secola

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